Friday, 8 April 2011

Test Coverage for the TimeAndSizeRollingAppender

I've noticed a habit that I've got into lately to pay more attention to freely available software if the unit test and coverage reports are available.  So I figured it might be useful to make the JUnit and EMMA results available with the latest release of the TimeAndSizeRollingAppender.  The test coverage is reasonably comprehensive and covers all the critical areas pretty well, I hope.  Take a look and let me know whether it's useful.

There are a couple of bug fixes and optimisations in the past couple of releases that mean the Appender should be moderately more performant.  I haven't got around to profiling it yet, which would obviously be the proof of the pudding, but at least one significant change will definitely help: at file roll there should be about half the regex pattern matching there used to be.

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